get [v1] come into possession of; achieve access, accomplish, acquire, annex, attain, bag*, bring, bring in, build up, buy into, buy off, buy out, capture, cash in on*, chalk up*, clean up*, clear, come by, compass, cop*, draw, earn, educe, effect, elicit, evoke, extort, extract, fetch, gain, get hands on*, glean, grab, have, hustle*, inherit, land, lock up, make, make a buy, make a killing*, net, obtain, parlay, pick up, procure, pull, rack up*, realize, reap, receive, score, secure, snag*, snap up*, snowball*, succeed to, take, wangle*, win; concepts 120,706,710 —Ant. fail, lose, miss, pass get [v2] fall victim to accept, be afflicted with, become infected with, be given, be smitten by, catch, come down with*, contract, get sick, receive, sicken, succumb, take; concept 93 —Ant. overtake, overthrow get [v3] seize apprehend, arrest, bag*, beat, capture, catch, collar*, defeat, grab, lay hold of*, lay one’s hands on*, nab*, nail*, occupy, overcome, overpower, secure, take, trap; concept 90 —Ant. give in, surrender, yield get [v4] come to be achieve, attain, become, come over, develop into, effect, go, grow, realize, run, turn, wax*; concepts 697,706 get [v5] understand acquire, catch, catch on to, comprehend, fathom, figure out, follow, gain, get into one’s head*, hear, know, learn, look at, memorize, notice, perceive, pick up*, receive, see, take in, work out; concepts 15,31 —Ant. misconstrue, misunderstand get [v6] arrive advance, blow in*, come, come to, converge, draw near, land, make it, reach, show, show up, turn up; concept 159 —Ant. depart, leave get [v7] contact for communication get in touch, reach; concept 266 —Ant. lose get [v8] arrange, manage desired goal adjust, contrive, dispose, dress, fit, fix, make, make up, order, prepare, ready, straighten, succeed, wangle*; concept 202 —Ant. fail, mismanage get [v9] convince, induce argue into, beg, bring around, coax, compel, draw, influence, persuade, press, pressure, prevail upon, prompt, provoke, sway, talk into, urge, wheedle, win over; concept 68 —Ant. discourage, dissuade get [v10] have an effect on affect, amuse, arouse, bend, bias, carry, dispose, entertain, excite, gratify, impress, influence, inspire, move, predispose, prompt, satisfy, stimulate, stir, stir up, strike, sway, touch; concepts 7,22 get [v11] produce offspring beget, breed, generate, procreate, produce, propagate, sire; concept 374 get [v12] irritate, upset aggravate, annoy, bother, bug*, burn, exasperate, gall, get someone’s goat*, irk, nettle, peeve, pique, provoke, put out*, rile, rub the wrong way*, try, vex; concepts 7,19 —Ant. calm, please, soothe get [v13] confuse baffle, beat, bewilder, buffalo*, confound, discomfit, disconcert, distress, disturb, embarrass, mystify, nonplus, perplex, perturb, puzzle, stick*, stump, upset; concept 16 —Ant. understand

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